Performance and Safety Guaranteed with the Strictly Diesel Bulletproof 6.0 Powerstroke for Sale

A fully bulletproof diesel engine allows the owner work in any region of the world, even war-torn areas. A combination of high-quality performance coupled with enhanced safety ensures that the owner gets value for his or her money. There are many areas that this bulletproof diesel package can be used to power. Here are the highlights of this strictly diesel bulletproof 6.0 powerstroke for sale.

What is in the Package?

The bullet-proof package includes the diesel oil cooling system, a 2005-2007 F-series diesel engine and a condenser mount which comes with Square EGR cooler. There are two cooler systems in the engine, the heavy duty EFR as well as the bullet-proof diesel cooler kit. In addition, the kits come with an oil transfer block that is a replacement of the OE engine cooler. The block mounts by the use of the OE gaskets and transfers the oil through the use of a heavy-duty hose.

Superior Oil Cooling Mechanism

Warm oil from the transfer block moves to spin-on diesel oil filter in the periphery before getting to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger mounts behind the A/C condensing unit. Once the oil gets cool, it comes back from the heat exchanger to the transfer block. One of the many benefits of this configuration is that it deals with issues like the filter bypass problems as well as the clogging of the factory-made oil cooling system.

The heavy-duty EGR cooling system replaces the OE cooler. The bullet-proof cooler comes with a welded round tube that improves the strength of the engine and enhances a greater flow of the coolant. This configuration does not alter the functionality of the EGR and therefore does not require further programming.

The Diesel Engine

The diesel engine comes fitted with 10-micron bypass oil filter that is upgraded to use with the cooler kits. This bypass oil filter kit has additional protection which comes as a result of a re-route of some part of the engine oil through a second filtration system without changing the flow through the primary filter. This upgrade enhances the functionality of the diesel engine and protects it from overheating.